I wish I had blown up my laptop Fourth of July weekend instead of taking it to the Apple Store

But at least I can watch this video and dream.

Check out the rest of the Panic Blog’s 2011 roundup of funny fireworks here, including my favorites “Baby Boomers” and “Luna Chicks.” I don’t know what is meant by the Fourth of July/suicide-bombing baby chicks connection, but every time I look at this picture this pops into my head.

What do Bon Jovi, Jamiroquai, and James Brown have in common?

Voting has officially closed in Cup Noodle’s campaign to resurrect fans’ favorite discontinued flavors and the winners won’t be announced till September (fingers crossed for Ikaton!), but these old commercials should hold you over till then.

I don’t know how to make YouTube subtitles (do you?!) but part of what makes these CM so brilliant are their very soramimi lyrics. Here, Bon Jovi goes hoarse over a middle school kid whose mom effs up his cram sesh by forgetting his Cup Noodle.

More work with fewer resources (you’re not alone)

After being raised in a family with a strong work ethic and being drilled from an early age to study hard, work hard, invest money, etc., I will teach my children the opposite. Do what you want—and don’t spend one minute “paying your dues” or “proving” yourself to an employer. This is a scam. You are either paid fairly—by your own standards, not theirs—from day one or you never will be. The moment you stop enjoying your job, quit—because they certainly won’t hesitate to fire you on a whim. There is no such thing as “loyalty.” Don’t waste your youth “building your resume.” Go have fun and let life develop as it may. Working for a living simply does not pay—and to exert any effort whatsoever above and beyond what you are being compensated for is to be complicit in your own exploitation.

The July/August issue of Mother Jones includes first-person accounts of how ordinary Americans–in education, medicine, aviation, and the service industry–are handling demands for more work with fewer resources. It’s terrifying.

Design Chibi! (with music by Cornelius)

Thanks to Spoon & Tamago for this post about design ah, a new 10-episode TV series on design by Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada), graphic designer Taku Satoh, and interface designer Yugo Nakamura that’s airing on NHK, the PBS of Japan. I can’t find any video online yet, but you can help create a video for the ah theme here. Just click the arrow pointing right, draw the hiragana for “ah”–あ–in the box (using three distinct strokes), and click the button to the right when you’re ready (left is to erase and try again). The resulting video is cute and fun, but I thought it was more entertaining to see what else I could get the program to accept as “ah” and animate. For instance, CHIBI: