Do you love New York? How bout loving a little paper model of New York. Designer Terada Mokei has created a series of 1/100 scale architectural model accessories. These paper models can be removed and bent to do your bidding. Set No. 6 in the series happens to be items that reflect a New York landscape.

Good news for designing office staff who pull off all-nighters!! It’s a New York version, the sixth shot of the Architectural Model series, which you can easily assemble simply by tearing off the precut parts.
Items from the street corners of New York, the world’s most exciting city and a melting pot of many races, have been carefully selected. The simple modeling, which omits fine details, is also highly versatile and complements the sense of scale. 1/100 scale.

Normal people, very fat people, dogs, squirrels, stands, hotdogs, pretzels, mailboxes, hydrants, subway exits, bicycles, bicycle stands, barricades, trash bins, mounted policemen and so on.

Oh yea, normal people and VERY FAT PEOPLE… there is no middle ground. I guess that’s just how people outside of New York see us…

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