ICL 2011

In continuation of ICL:2010’s conversations, ICL:2011 directs conversations toward two of the most fascinating media of the 21st century: Architecture & Video.

ICL 2011: NYC Pictures
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Architecture is at once defined as the art, science, design and method of building a structure.

The term “architecture,” however, has lately been bandied as jargon, misappropriated by wordsmiths to pimp the boring reality of spreadsheets and outlines, as if two-dimensional structures can be brought to life by a three-dimensional pseudonym.

So what price Architecture?

Imprint Culture Lab asks the questions at dinner and a symposium in New York City, with five experts on the art, the science, the design, the method and the language of Architecture.

ICL 2011: NYC.
Vertical: From Noun to Adjective.

Featured Speakers:
Sou Fujimoto
Bernhard Karpf
William Morrish
David Allin

May 2: Dinner: live webcast dinner.
May 3: Symposium: invitation-only forum featuring dinner guests at the speakers podium.

Dinner: En Japanese Brasserie
Symposium: The Standard, New York High Line Room


Video recording was invented in 1951, by Charles P. Ginsburg. The first video recorder was sold for $50,000. Today, over half of Americans own digital video-cameras. Over 33 billion videos were streamed in the US in December 2009 alone.

“Video” has done something very few objects have done to the English language: mutating the word “viral” from adjective to noun. Overnight.

Viral is the very description of the “video” phenomenon it has engendered. It’s brought Hollywood to its knees. It’s made art out of security tapes.

Imprint Culture Lab brings the mavericks of viral video in its many iterations to Los Angeles, with dinner and a symposium.

ICL: Los Angeles
Viral: From Adjective to Noun.

August 29: Dinner: live webcast dinner among five leaders of the video revolution.
August 30: Symposium: invitation-only forum featuring dinner guests at the speakers podium.

Long Beach Museum of Art